Sydney Lazare
Hello, my name is Sydney Lazare and I recently found my purpose, which is to help other children find theirs. I wanted to find a way to help my community and to give back to people around the world. It warms my heart to see others being helped and cared for… seeing them happy. Through this organization I hope to bring reason, happiness, and most importantly, confidence to these children and help them burgeon into the most amazing adults that they can be.

The right program and the right mentors can help change one’s life.

I founded Kare2Share alongside my brother Hunter and my dad Marc. I felt very passionate as to help others rediscover their confidence and to feel very happy within themselves and to have a positive outlook on the world. I feel this is very important because I too was once was lacking self-confidence and was very unhappy. In school I was feeling out of place like some people also do. Sometimes with bullying and too much drama you can find it difficult to find your way to find the people that are supportive of you. I was also brought down from the divorce of my parents. I couldn’t remember what had made me happy. I had realized that I was never happier than when I was acting and recently I have followed my heart and have been trying to pursue that career and take classes because that had helped me develop my confidence. I plan to help kids who have felt hurt embrace themselves through pursuing an activity they will soon feel passionate about.


Hunter Lazare
Hello, my name is Hunter Lazare and my main goal is to help other children to become confident and strong individuals. Through our help and the expertise of our mentors and colleagues, we will teach others how to increase their self-esteem and become the best versions of themselves. Anything is possible with the right guidance and someone that believes in you.

As an early teenager after my parent’s divorce, I had a lot of anger built up inside of me. I didn’t know how to control it and felt lost. After discovering working out my life was changed, I learned how to direct my anger into performing the best that I could in every single activity such as tennis and in my studies. I became more determined, focused, disciplined and eager to learn new things now more than ever before. By exploring this new path I had found a therapy for my anger and resentment and my whole outlook on life changed. The gym helped me to have clarity and to live a much less stressful life. My goal is to help other people who feel lost or that they don’t belong to find their passion, improve their self esteem and to help them see the world in a whole new perspective.

The Power to Effect Change

Every thought, doubt, feeling, and any downhill circumstance can easily be turned upward if you are enrolled in the right program.

Through the arts you can bring out a side of yourself that you have yet to discover.

Through acting you gain self-confidence and can become anyone that you want and grasp the importance of communication and embrace that silly, amazing side of you that can never be defeated.


The music and movement portrayed in dance is relatable to everyone. Each dance depicts a story and helps everyone get over their fears and the connection to the song can really make it something special. Some people relate more to music when they are the ones making it. Play an instrument, feel something in your heart from the song you play. Create your own sound and find your own voice. You, and others around you, will definitely want to hear it!

Add a splash with some color! Tell any story or show your talent with your own work of art. Bring out what is special to you and relax yourself through every stroke of a brush. Art brings out your creative side and you or anyone can show the world a piece of yourself through every work you create.

Through the martial arts one can learn how to fight, so that they can avoid dangerous situations. The confidence and self-esteem that one can achieve through the study of martial arts can instill confidence that can be sensed by others. Embrace the strength and passion inside of you. Working on your outer strength will wind up enhancing your inner strength. Channel your frustrations, display a renewed self-confidence and learn how to protect and defend yourself. You can become that change you want to see in the world.

Through sports you can be part of a team and develop a special bond with them while having fun. You can compete in tournaments, learn things you can play throughout your whole life and experience what it will be like to become a champion.

Be creative, be confident, show the world and prove to yourself just how special you are. This is your story and it can be told anyway you choose.

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The Power to Effect Change

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